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Living in Ireland more than 11 years. Originally come from Lithuania. Native Lithuanian language, speak English, understand Russian and Polish.

Started in hard labor jobs. 6+ years ago switched to retail and sales sector. Learned sales and management in retail. Meanwhile started to have strong interest in data science and statistics. Have been learning in Coursera, online learning platform, data science and business analytics. Wanted more indepth programming skills. Enrolled courses for programming, finished on online learning platforms courses. Started with c#, then moved full stack Javascript. Have mastered beginners Java fetac level 5. Have been exploring all sort of frameworks, libraries, and tools for Javascript. Major tools I learned so far: React.js,Redux.js, Express.js, node.js, Vue.js. Ability to execute and complete projects Currently enrolled in 3-month Full Stack web developer boot camp in Brussels, "Elium Academy". Teaches in-depth Git, Javascript, frameworks like express.js, react.js, practices like growth hacking, teamwork. Optimizing work flow with tools like Zappier, Trello, Google analytics, built with, ahref, similarWeb, AdEspresso, Hunt, clearbit, etc. Methodologies like Agile, LEAN, Scrum.

Goals: to learn and master Javascript stack. To have a better understanding of React.js, Vue.js, and node.js. Interested in learning security, cloud, cloud functions, and serverless. Continued exploration of practical knowledge of programming.

A bit about my passions and interest outside of programming. Love self-development, and how much I still don't know. I like philosophy(authors: Friedrich Nietzsche, Socrates), Psychology of Gustav Carl Young, Meditation practices, and Crossfit.




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